Welcome to Anti Aging Arts Medical Center

Call (619) 543-1061
Monday to Sunday Starting at 9am

Downtown San Diego off the I-5,
near San Diego airport,
10 Bus and Washington Street Trolley Stop
Turn Right @ Emory Street and park along Train Tracks
Middle Town Square

1747 Hancock Street Suite B
San Diego Calif 92101

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What is Anti-Aging Medicine?

Go beyond healthy; imagine stopping the clock or even reversing it.   Anti-Aging Arts helps you through education and consultation by combining nutrient dense physically nourishing real food, and alternative medicine in applying the principles of Dr. Weston A Price and the Trivium Method  to assist you in discovering your optimal health. Add to a traditional diet, appropriate exercise, and addressing stress reduction with an applied method of critical thinking, you can achieve satisfaction in optimal health easily and consistently. Another appeal of Anti-Aging Arts involves self-improvement. As anti-aging medicine evolves, you'll see more innovations, inventions and breakthroughs every year that directly benefit you. 

About Us

Our mission is to help you achieve Optimal Wellness with "one-stop convenience" services to save you time and help you looking and feeling healthy! Optimal Health is possible with our TLC educational approach as well as a commitment to education so you consistently integrate positive changes to your whole self with the application of these principles. We strive to keep a professional medical practice, and we want you to feel at home, comfortable and at ease. We know how excited about these new products and procedures and methods you will be and invite you to call us now. We appreciate your business and encourage you to let us know how we’re doing and how we can better serve your needs now and in the future.
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